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A personalized nutritional resetting, with one of the most authoritative experts on nutrition, dr Daniela Morandi.

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Terme di Saturnia SPA & Golf Resort adds a new and important element to its exclusive model of regeneration of mind and body with the launch of an innovative programme of personalized nutritional resetting, as the result of an agreement with one of the most authoritative international experts on nutrition, Dr Daniela Morandi.

Personalized programmes to achieve and maintain top psycho-physical form through the latest nutritional strategies

Dr. Daniela Morandi – one of the most esteemed international experts on diet – and Terme di Saturnia were destined to work together one day.

The extraordinary setting of the spa offers the ideal conditions of peacefulness, concentration and relaxation to achieve that change in lifestyle at the heart of the teaching that the doctor has developed over the years.


The most up-to-date scientific research proves that staying healthy, combating the effects of ageing and effective long-term weight loss are mainly dependent on the hormonal response that food triggers in our body, from control of its glycemic load, chemical composition, time at which it is consumed and the way in which it is combined to act on the metabolic system and our well-being.

In the harmonious setting of Saturnia, learning this new wisdom has nothing to do with the sacrifices imposed by normal diets, but retains pleasant surprises for the palate, thanks to the collaboration with the Chefs of the resort and to the organic vegetable garden

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